160 Years of Tradition

1845 – Farmer Jan Błaszkiewicz bakes his first batch of breads. He sells them to his neighbors and other residents of Strusiny. Son Józef takes over his father’s baking business and starts a tradition.

1865 – first mention in Tarnów’s Cathedral documents that Józef Błaszkiewicz was a baker, and private bakery owner.

1885 – Józef’s son Jan leases a small bakery from one of Strusiny’s residents. He also builds a new bakery, which is still located on Kościuszki Street in Tarnów.

1885 – Jan Błąszkiewicz is the Head of Tarnów’s Bakers Guild. After Jan dies, his wife Stefania takes over the business. She and Jan’s brother manage the bakery together. They eventually get married. Next, their son Zbigniew takes over. He also becomes Master Craftsmen Baker later on.

1944 – during World War II Błaszkiewicz’s Bakery becomes an important seat for The Home Army (the dominant Polish resistance movement in Poland occupied by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union during World War II).

1947 – the communist government takes the possession of the bakery. Zbigniew does not give up, and starts a new bakery at the Kapłanówka location.

1951 – after four years, confiscated bakery comes back to the owners. Zbigniew names his bakery “Strusinianka”.

1979 – Zbigniew’s son Jan takes over the bakery. In 1983 his brother becomes the owner.

1989… – Marek expends and modernizes the business. He buys modern equipment, ovens, and invests in technologies. He also opens new locations. Today, the company is registered as Limited Liability and is constantly developing.


The reasons for “Strusinianka” to stay competitive for so long, and its impressive development are its owners’ passion, dedication and commitment to the family business.

Political and economic changes after 1989 presented opportunities for young and creative businessman like Marek Błaszkiewicz. He modernized bakery production line and extended the assortment of baked goods.