We would like to meet our clients’ increasing interests and needs, so we are constantly expanding our pastries and breads offer. Well known and popular products are accompanied by new choices and our clients appreciate new tastes. Craftsmanship has always been the centre of our business. We are proud to offer such fine products. That sets us apart from other, more industrialized, mass production oriented places.


We own 17 delivery trucks, which serve Southern Poland’s clients. We supply over 250 stores.

This attention to craftsmanship, expensive, multi-phase production process, highest quality ingredients, and strict technological regime is reflected in our products’ final quality but also in the prices. Increasing demand for our goods proves that clients appreciate our commitment to provide best products possible. Fantastic feedback we receive from our customers makes us very happy and proud of all the hard work and heart we put into our business.


Development and Investment

We currently operate in a few locations in major shopping areas/galeries in City of Tarnów. Our Development and Investment Department works on new locations for bakeries and stores.