Tasty and healthy

We bake for you, tasty, fragrant, healthy and fresh bread every day!


We bake aromatic pizza for you, take a hot piece on the road!

Fresh bread

We bake tasty, fragrant and healthy bread for you every day!

Cakes and pastries

Our cakes and pies are an excellent proposition for dessert. Yummy.

We offer a wide selection
of breads and
pastries since 1845.

Excellent, hot,
aromatic pizza
sold in pieces.

Start your day
with the best
coffee in town.

We make our baking goods the best we can. We are proud and happy to serve more and more satisfied customers every day. We do our best to open more locations, where you can buy our goods. For those on the run we offer quick and tasty appetizers, but if you have more time, we invite you to sit down and enjoy coffee and our delicious assorted pastries and cookies. Fresh, warm bread rolls and more, will satisfy homemade sandwich loving customers. Everything to satisfy your taste and provide a wonderful experience. Our customers inspire us! With every returning customer, we feel very grateful and appreciated.

By keeping the production process artisan, we are able to keep the most valuable qualities of our products. Taste, aroma, nutrients and perfect texture are among many high qualities of our baking goods. We care about that, and we also know how important it is for you. Craftsmanship and custom process is hard to find these days. Confectionary usually uses a lot of sugar, but we make up for it by doing it “naturally with butter”. It speaks for itself. Each of our products is slightly different since they are all handmade. They are all beautiful because each piece is unique.